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Behemoth + Cradle + Inquisition + Support / Stuttgart LKA - 08/02/2014

Petite chronique, en Anglais, puisque je la reprend dans mon zine.


Once again, there was a good Metal event in the LKA in Stuttgart, the co headliner tour of Cradle and Behemoth, with Inquisition, In Solitude and Svarttjern as support. The last info I had, was that the doors would be open at 6pm.

Believe it or not… when I arrived just after 6pm, the doors were already open, and Svarttjern was already on stage. The only thing I got from them, was the sound, I have heard the last two songs, when I was waiting to enter the area. I would have like to see them live, they are playing a very raw and powerful Black Metal, and the few videos I saw from them where stating they have a good presence on stage. Better luck next time !

Then came Inquisition. I already saw this two guys a few time. No matter what, they are always delivering the same kind of music since more than 20 years. They were on stage for about 30 minutes only, but it was 30 minutes of intense Inquisition rites. The voice of Dagon is always a killer, this guy does not sing, he is invoking the devil in each word that is coming out of his mouth.  They delivered a very good show, playing some old songs, and some new ones, from the new album. The sound was good, but it’s not complicated, as there is only one drum, and one guitar. The only thing is that I still find, after all these years, it would be better if they have at least one person more, not for the music, but for using the space on stage. But, anyway, it’s the trade mark of Inquisition, only two guys, and they do it good.

After a short break, a beer, and a fast stage preparation, came In Solitude. I did not know the band, and had no idea what was supposed to hit the stage. Well, I am gonna be honest. I stayed for two songs, and then I went to pee, and eat something at the entrance of the area. Not that they are bad. They are technically speaking quit good, and they have energy on stage. But I am still wondering what the hell they were doing, touring with bands like Inquisition, Svarttjern, Cradle and Behemoth. They look almost like hipsters. Well, not the band I liked most in the evening.

Another break, another beer, and a good spot to appreciate Cradle. The last time I saw them was in the beginning of this century, can’t remember exactly when, but it was more than 10 years ago. I stopped listening to them after “Cruelty”, but still a big fan of “The principle of Evil made flesh”, and “Dusk and her embrace”. So I was a little bit septic.  If you put apart the sound, that was not very good, I have to admit they delivered a good show. The played some old stuff like “the principle” or “haunted shores”, and other songs for different albums. I was expecting “Dusk…” but the song did not come. Dani has always a lot of energy on stage, and does not stop moving, while the other musicians are quieter, and were more static.  The drum was placed on the right side of the stage, and the key board on the other side, because there was a screen in the middle to project some movies during the show. From what I recognized it was mostly parts from Cradle’s numerous video clips. Overall a good one, positively surprised by the band, still able to deliver a good show, even if they are a little bit on the edge, and they are not the great Cradle they once were. Not the kind of band I like on cd, but live, it was worth it.

No break, no beer, and directly moving to the front of the stage, found a good spot in the middle in the second rank of people, I am tall, so not a problem. I had the time to watch the roadies prepare the stage for the mighty Behemoth. Guitars tech running all around, bass tech running with Orion’s instrument, honestly I had a big laugh, the guy is smaller than Orion, and he had the bass almost on his knees. A good preparation of the stage, with designed elements from the latest album. The drum about one meter high on a platform, and 2 stairs on each side, to allow the other members to go also a little bit higher. All ready to let the Behemoth unleashed the power, and believed me, they did not wait too long to do it. They started the show with the new single “Blow your trumpets Gabriel”, smoke, fire, a drum hitting very hard, a bass growling like thunder, 2 guitars very sharp, with a very good sound, and the voice of Nergal. I have heard a lot about Behemoth, and some points are probably true, but this is to be consider as a whole entity. They have their “world”, and it has to be taken as it is, or you leave it. The dress code was ok, not too much, but evil enough to put more impact on the music. Nergal did not speak that much between songs, they preferred to deliver what they do best, the music. 5 songs of “The Satanist”, and old stuff like “Conquer all”, “Decade of Therion”, “As above so Below”, “Slave shall served”, “Christian to the lions”, Ov fire and the void”, “Alas, Lord is upon me” and “Chant of Eschaton 2000 E.V”. An impressive show, with a band at the top of what they do. Orion does the show alone. He is a must seen. His size and stature gives him what he needs to impress, and his bass skills make him the perfect one for the job. Infernal was just… infernal, delivering blasts all the time. Seth and Nergal’s guitars did the job very good. Two backing vocals from Seth and Orion, and the voice of Nergal complete the whole thing. Having seen them very close, I can tell they are really “in” their stuff. Nergal looked possessed sometime, and Orion really looks like he could jump from the stage, come to hit you in the face, and just go back to finish the song. The area was on fire, each time Nergal asked the people to sing, we did it as loud as possible.

Well, at the end, a very good evening. The only bad thing was the time, too short. Cradle and Behemoth played about 75mn, there was room for a couple of songs for each band, but, that was worth the money !!

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Re : Behemoth + Cradle + Inquisition + Support / Stuttgart LKA - 08/02/2014

lien vers la review du concert de Londres le 10.02, 2 jours après celui de Stuttgart.
A priori, sauf erreur de ma part, les sets list de COF et Behemoth étaient identiques pour les 2 soirs.

http://www.aaamusic.co.uk/2014/02/11/be … the-forum/

Behemoth + Cradle Of Filth – Live @ The Forum
By aaamusic on Feb 11, 2014 in Featured, Live

Behemoth – Photo by Sarah Tsang

Monday 10th February, London

Behemoth’s ascension to the mainstream has been an unusual, tumultuous journey. Although they have been one of Poland’s premier extreme metal bands since the early 1990s, and a staple part of the international black metal underground for at least ten years, it was only with the release of 2009’s critically acclaimed Evangelion that Behemoth broke through to the metal masses. Following this, in March 2010, frontman/songwriter Nergal became tied up in an everlasting, formal freedom of speech court case in Poland, charged with blasphemy, and then five months later was diagnosed with leukaemia, underwent a successful bone marrow transplant, and took some much deserved time away from the band and spotlight to recover. Naturally, and almost distastefully, or at least diversionary, Nergal’s cancer survival story has prompted a significant increase in international media interest, with even publications such as The Guardian reviewing their new, tenth studio album – The Satanist. Just how far they’ve progressed over the past five years is evident tonight in the fact that their set is preceded by our very own Cradle Of Filth, one our biggest extreme metal exports. All this, however, distracts from the point; the point being that The Satanist is one of the best heavy metal albums of the last decade, and that Behemoth more than deserve their headline status and mainstream approval.

First up, however, is the ever dependable Dani Filth and his band of merry metallers, Cradle Of Filth. Although billed as co-headliners, the Suffolk-formed extreme metal band have the difficult task of going onstage ahead of Behemoth. That being said, they are rightly allocated the same set duration and have brought their full production tonight. And boy, what a production it is. Cradle Of Filth are often derided by the oh-so-serious heavy metal community for being too theatrical, but this is who CoF are; a tongue-in-cheek, gothic pantomime act, armed with serious musical ambitions.

Cradle Of Filth – Photo by Sarah Tsang

That’s right; behind all the makeup, leather, smoke, lights and visuals (including a screen of near-spoof-like video) is a canon of melodic black metal masterpieces, all of which are aired tonight during this greatest hits set celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of their debut album, The Principle of Evil Made Flesh. Although slightly hampered by initial sound issues (the bass is quickly pumped up), opener ‘Cthulhu Dawn’, from Midian, sets the tone – operatic thrash metal played by a group of committed and talented musicians who, while taking the craft extremely seriously, don’t take themselves particularly seriously. They are the black metal Judas Priest; a fitting comparison given their penchant for classic metal riffing and Dani Filth’s piercing wail-scream…thing.

With only one cut from their 2012 album The Manticore and Other Horrors, ‘For Your Vulgar Delectation’, this12-song set covers all their greatest moments. The keys add real depth to ‘Summer Dying Fast’ and ‘Nymphetamine (Fix)’, arguably their most commercial single, while the classic metal guitar work (note: with both official guitars absent, session guitarists were drafted in for this tour) sounds best on ‘Haunted Shores’, ‘Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids’ and over-the-top encore, ‘Funeral in Carpathia’. The highlights come courtesy of a rare outing of ‘Beneath the Howling Stars’, a triumphant ‘Born in a Burial Gown’, and, of course, Cradle’s crowning moment, ‘Her Ghost in the Fog’, which predictably provokes the biggest reaction from the audience as it closes the main set. As ever, this is the Dani Filth show, and the prowling ring leader with a penchant for rampant hopping is in fine voice this evening – effortlessly switching between death metal growls, extreme screams and that distinctive high-pitched yelp. Come back soon, Cradle Of Filth.
Behemoth - Photo by Sarah Tsang

Behemoth – Photo by Sarah Tsang

Although Nergal and co. favour a decent dosage of theatrics, Behemoth’s similar use of makeup, lighting, recorded intros and horror imagery avoids any element of farce – whereas CoF may forgo any true sense of danger through the use of their characters and production, Behemoth look and sound formidably evil. This is authentic black metal, and the crowd-chanting and movement noticeably moves up a gear once the band emerge. While I expected a set centred on material from The Satanist, tonight’s show sees the band cherry-pick from eight of their ten studio albums. Fan-favourites like the extremely fast ‘Slaves Shall Serve’ (Demigod), the devastatingly heavy ‘Christians to the Lions’ (Thelema.6), and the headbang-inducing, main set closer ‘Chant for Eschaton 2000’ (Satanica) are all death metal masterworks.

However, it is Behemoth’s most recent material that truly marks the band out as one of the most special forces of our times. The opening couplet of ‘Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel’ and ‘Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer’ from The Satanist is breathtaking; with the opener in particular already sounding like the modern-day extreme metal anthem it really is. These two songs are matched only when the band launch into the tracks aired from 2009’s Evangelion: ‘Ov Fire and the Void’ and ‘Alas, Lord Is Upon Me’, performed in succession – with the crushing, doom-laden riffs of the former being tonight’s standout cut. This newer material is still as black as Dani Filth’s nail varnish, but the death metal urgency has been replaced with a more groove-orientated, thrash-laced dynamic; this lack of unrelenting aggression, along with the decipherable delivery of Nergal’s lyrics, allows for a more menacing atmosphere.

Behemoth – Photo by Sarah Tsang

Nergal is an incredibly confident performer; one whose charisma stems from genuine humility. He stares intently at the audience as he roars his lyrics, and strides across the stage summoning crowd participation with a simple nod of his head, all the while smashes out intelligent guitar riffs. “It feels good to be alive London!”, he exclaims early on in the set; a sentiment of course made all the more powerful with the knowledge of his cancer battle, but one that feels particularly true and relevant because of the perfection on display in both the band’s performance and the reception of the audience.

They finish with a lone encore of ‘Father O Satan O Sun!’, the most operatic and progressive thing on The Satanist, riding it out standing stationary wearing satanic masks with elongated horns, while a recorded spoken word outro propels the doom and gloom of the post-metal instrumentation. When they finish, there is an eerie but intensely powerful silence from both band and audience, while the crowd members throw their devil horns at Behemoth without a whimper; it only lasts a matter of seconds before the roaring applause kicks in, but it’s a moment that will stay with me for a long time to come – a moment where I truly comprehended Nergal’s sentiment about feeling alive.

Review: Clive Paris Rozario

Photos: Sarah Tsang

Cradle of Filth Setlist

    Cthulhu Dawn
    A Dream of Wolves in the Snow
    Summer Dying Fast
    The Principle of Evil Made Flesh
    Beneath the Howling Stars
    For Your Vulgar Delectation
    Haunted Shores
    Nymphetamine (Fix)
    Born in a Burial Gown
    Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids
    Her Ghost in the Fog
    ENCORE: Funeral in Carpathia

Behemoth Setlist

    Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
    Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
    Conquer All
    Decade of Therion
    As Above So Below
    Slaves Shall Serve
    Christians to the Lions
    Driven by the Five-Winged Star
    The Satanist
    Ov Fire and the Void
    Alas, Lord Is Upon Me
    Furor Divinus
    At the Left Hand ov God
    Chant for Eschaton 2000
    ENCORE: Father O Satan O Sun!

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