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correction: pour ceux qui n'arrivent pas à mettre des vidéos Youtube... il faut enlever le "s" de https, seules les vidéos dont l'url commence par "http" passent, celles avec "https" non :)

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Le chanteur s'en va...


RAGNAROK announced parting of the ways with their frontman Hans Fyrste.

The band has not yet disclosed who will replace him in the lineup. Commented by Jontho (drums): "Let's just say that we are looking at various options, some of which might come as a bit of a surprise to Ragnarok fans, but we’re not prepared to say more at this time".

Fyrste, who has been with the band since 2005 and performed vocals on two of their seven full length albums - 2010's "Collectors of the King" and the latest release "Malediction" - is cutting back on his musical activities due to other personal and job-related commitments, which had already affected his ability to tour with RAGNAROK at the end of last year. His last live appearance with the band was at this year’s Blastfest festival in February.

Listen to band's latest album, "Malediction", here.

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